Holiday Hairstyles
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Holiday Hairstyles

The Holidays are officially upon us! Meaning there are tons of parties to attend. You have everything you need to win best dressed but now it is just time to worry about how to do your hair and makeup to win over the crowd. Let’s us help you get ready.┬áCome into Hypnotic Salon and let us worry about the hard stuff. All of our stylist are capable of making you look like one in a million. Not to mention there are makeup artist here to top off your look just right. Now it is just time to think about what you want us to do. Here are some helpful hints and options to remember when looking for the perfect hair and makeup.

What Hair Should I Do?

1. Updo- When you are thinking formal most people think updo. It is classic and timeless because there are so many variations of doing them. You can have it sleek and tamed or go for the messy bun kind of style. Also if you are looking for something that will be out of your face for the night this a great option.

2. Half Up- This is a great option for the girls that want to embrace your long gorgeous curls but still want something tucked away. Its fun but isn’t your everyday curled hair.

3. Curls- The debate with curls is just want kind you want. You can go for big model curls, the soft beach wave, or the ringlets. All of the options are fun and easy for those who are debating if you will really like your hair in all up. Not to mention if you want to shy away from something too simple we can always throw in a waterfall braid or braided bang as show in the above image.


1. Lashes- Lashes are a great way to really bring out any makeup look! They make your eyes pop and look great in pictures. Remember you don’t have to have long crazy lashes. Your makeup artist can pick out ones that fit your comfort level.

2. Dramatic or Subtle? One thing to remember is the smokey eye is not for everyone, when considering how you want your eyes think about what will compliment your outfit. If your dress is simple dramatic can be a good option, but if your dress is dramatic thing of going easier on the eyes.

3. Lips- Nothing screams holiday makeup like a red lip! If you don’t want anything to crazy try an easy eye, great contouring and a red lipstick.

Now the moment of truth it is time to book your appointment! You can call or book online, and the more the merrier. Come in with a group of friends and make a day out of it. Let us help make your night out a great one at Hypnotic Salon.