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Go from Gray to Gorgeous!

Go from Gray to Gorgeous!
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Go from Gray to Gorgeous!

Want to cover up those grays? These days there are a few different ways to blend grays in with the rest of your hair, with hi-lights, lo-lights, or get rid of them completely with an all-over color. No matter which option you go with, Hypnotic Salon delivers beautiful results using Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color. You will leave with a natural-looking color, feeling and looking years younger!

Get this many many other color services at Hypnotic Salon Las Vegas

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Holiday Hairstyles

Holiday Hairstyles
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Holiday Hairstyles

The Holidays are officially upon us! Meaning there are tons of parties to attend. You have everything you need to win best dressed but now it is just time to worry about how to do your hair and makeup to win over the crowd. Let’s us help you get ready. Come into Hypnotic Salon and let us worry about the hard stuff. All of our stylist are capable of making you look like one in a million. Not to mention there are makeup artist here to top off your look just right. Now it is just time to think about what you want us to do. Here are some helpful hints and options to remember when looking for the perfect hair and makeup.

What Hair Should I Do?

1. Updo- When you are thinking formal most people think updo. It is classic and timeless because there are so many variations of doing them. You can have it sleek and tamed or go for the messy bun kind of style. Also if you are looking for something that will be out of your face for the night this a great option.

2. Half Up- This is a great option for the girls that want to embrace your long gorgeous curls but still want something tucked away. Its fun but isn’t your everyday curled hair.

3. Curls- The debate with curls is just want kind you want. You can go for big model curls, the soft beach wave, or the ringlets. All of the options are fun and easy for those who are debating if you will really like your hair in all up. Not to mention if you want to shy away from something too simple we can always throw in a waterfall braid or braided bang as show in the above image.


1. Lashes- Lashes are a great way to really bring out any makeup look! They make your eyes pop and look great in pictures. Remember you don’t have to have long crazy lashes. Your makeup artist can pick out ones that fit your comfort level.

2. Dramatic or Subtle? One thing to remember is the smokey eye is not for everyone, when considering how you want your eyes think about what will compliment your outfit. If your dress is simple dramatic can be a good option, but if your dress is dramatic thing of going easier on the eyes.

3. Lips- Nothing screams holiday makeup like a red lip! If you don’t want anything to crazy try an easy eye, great contouring and a red lipstick.

Now the moment of truth it is time to book your appointment! You can call or book online, and the more the merrier. Come in with a group of friends and make a day out of it. Let us help make your night out a great one at Hypnotic Salon.

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Dry Shampoo – The Miracle in a Bottle

Dry Shampoo – The Miracle in a Bottle
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Dry Shampoo

Every woman dreads it–wash day. Many laugh at the excuse of “I can’t, I have to wash my hair,” but for a lot of women out there it should be a legitimate justification for staying home. When you have a lot of hair or high-maintenance hair (such as extensions), shampooing and blowdrying your hair is much more than a little chore. Then to add insult to injury these same ladies can’t seem to go more than a day without washing because their hair becomes too greasy and unmanageable. Well ladies, do I have a product for you!! a Dry Shampoo – Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash from the expressdry line is the answer to your prayers.

What many people don’t know is that over-washing your hair can actually cause an increase of scalp oil making your hair greasy and oily even sooner! When you over-clean your hair, the pores on your scalp that produce sebum (oil) kick into over-drive to replace the oils that were stripped from the hair during the cleansing process. The only way to get away from washing everyday is to stop washing everyday. This is obviously easier said than done since no one likes to walk around like a grease-blob for days in a row trying to build up their hair’s tolerance for oils. That is where the dry wash comes in. Instead of stripping the hair of these essential oils like you do with shampoo, this product is applied as a fine mist that combines with and helps to neutralize the effects of the oil. Which means that you can have clean looking (and smelling) hair without triggering those sebaceous glands to over-produce those pesky oils. Another added bonus is a little boost in the volume department. If you have fine hair that is prone to being weighed down throughout the day by grease, using Dry Wash can help give you the lift you’re looking for.

HOW TO USE IT: Shake the can of Dry Wash well for 5-10 maxresdefaultseconds. Hold the can about 6″ away from the head and focus the spray towards the roots (since that’s where the oil lives). Try not to concentrate too much product to one area to avoid your hair from becoming too matte (don’t worry, it takes a lot to get to that point). Continue spraying until you have touched all the roots. Allow to sit for about a few seconds and then take a clean brush and brush the product through the hair. You are now free to style as you see fit.

So whether you need to get away from daily washing, want to take a day off from “the chore,” or want to add a little extra lift to your limp locks, Dry Wash is the tool to use. ET

QcP8tSfsZjNRD9zv5 reasons why you’ll love the Dry Wash:

Revive Your Look: Make hair look and feel freshly washed, so your style lasts days longer.

Absorb Excess Oils: Add fullness and texture right at the roots where you need it most.

Prolong Hair Color: Less shampooing means longer-lasting hair color without the fade.

Freshen Up Post-Workout: Keep hair fresh and smelling great, even after you break a sweat.

Share It with your Guy: Men love dry shampoo for the added volume and modern texture.

Available at Hypnotic Salon Las Vegas

– Paul Mitchell

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Are you ready for a Color Correction?

Are you ready for a Color Correction?
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Color Correction

Why a color correction? Sometimes life throws you a curve and makes you do things that later you regret. Like coloring your hair to something that is no longer trendy. Or you thought you would play Hairdresser and colored you hair to something that didn’t come out to your expectation. Our color experts at Hypnotic Salon know how you feel and are ready to get you back to looking your very best with a color correction service.

Not to worry. Book a complimentary consultation today and allow one of our Color Correction Specialists to provide the options to give you healthy, fresh, and beautiful hair color!

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Hot off The Press: Best Heat Protectant

Hot off The Press: Best Heat Protectant
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Hot Off The Press® , available at Hypnotic Salon
Thermal Protection Spray
  • Basics:
    Protects fragile strands from damage caused by heat styling.
  • Benefits:
    Boosts hair’s strength, fights frizz and provides flexible hold.
  • Bonus:
    Adds great memory for effortless curls or smoothing with a hot iron.


  • Rice hull extract builds a weightless barrier between hair and heat styling tools.
  • Wheat proteins deliver an extra dose of strength.
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Get the treatment everyone is talking about

Get the treatment everyone is talking about
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Treat your mane from the inside out by scheduling yourself an Awapuhi Keratriplex Treatment today! Transform your mane from frizzy, dull, and damaged to sleek and shiny in just 60 minutes (Including style). Compared to untreated mane, the Awapuhi Treatment Reduces Breakage by 80%, Improves Shine by 35% and Prevents Color Fade by 67%. Click to book your treatment at Hypnotic Salon*The Awapuhi Keratriplex treatment does not straighten or relax hair. A once a month treatment your mane deserves!

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